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Estates services


Cheers Real Estate Limited is a new and fast growing Zambian Company dedicated to serve and exceed customers’ expectations in the real estate industry. Our capabilities are to deliver the best services through the administration of investments projects, valuation of Land surveying as well as property management and maintenance in both commercial and Residential areas.




Services Offered:

  • Sale of Property
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Sale of Land for both commercial and residential

Our Sites and Price Range

Low Cost Area

These areas are good for residential settlements mostly along great north road area Kabangwe, 6 miles, 9 miles, 10 miles, 23 miles as well as places within, around and outside Lusaka. Check prices below:

  • 20*15 meters – k8000
  • 20*20 meters – k12,000
  • 30*20 meters – k15,000
  • 40*20 meters – k24,000
  • 40*30 meters – k30,000

Medium Cost Area

The difference between the low cost and Medium cost is the distance. The Medium cost area is a bit closer to the Central Business District. It is also good for residential settlements and businesses such as malls, complex and markets. See prices below:

  • 20*15 meters – k12,000
  • 20*20 meters – k16,000
  • 30*20 meters – k19,000
  • 40*20 meters – k32,000
  • 40*30 meters – k38,000

High Cost Area

Closer to the central business district and the design of structures are very much unique compared to the Low and Medium cost, They are good for Residential settlements, and business activities i,e Malls, shoping complex and markets. Check prices below:

  • 20*20 meters – k18,000
  • 30*20 meters – k24,000
  • 40*20 meters – k36,000
  • 40*30 meters – k48,000

Buy genuine and affordable Land and properties for both residential and commercial development.

Contact Us:

Rainbow Plaza building, Kabangwe Lusaka

Call us on +260 978 137 886

Or +260 977 961 020

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